This is just a reminder of what you have agreed to / will agree to by entering the 1Zambia MTB:

  1. The 1Zambia MTB is a strenuous mountain bike stage race that requires mountain biking skill and proper fitness to enjoy the experience.
  2. Normal road rules apply even when riding on rural roads.
  3. I will carry my own lube, my own basic spares, and be reasonably proficient mechanically to change tyres, plug tubeless holes, fix broken chains, etc.
  4. I will run tubeless tyres and slime for my own enjoyment.
  5. The event has a fully equipped emergency medical support team for emergencies, however I will bring my own basic medicines, plasters and head ache tablets or any such medications required for my personal use or essential to my health.
  6. I have suitable medical insurance to cover all emergencies (including medical evacuation) for the duration of the event.
  7. I understand that villagers are opening their lands to us and that they are doing this as a privilege not a right. I will be respectful of this privilege.
  8. I understand that if I insult any villager, crew, marshal or any other rider I will be asked to leave the event immediately.
  9. I understand that if I drop a gel packet or any other litter I will face a fine.
  1. I agree to the reasonable daily cut off-times and should I not make the very reasonable cut off on the second day; I will agree to withdraw from the event and be encouraged to come back another time when I am fitter.
  2. If I breakdown or quit between water points I will not expect a lift. I will make my way to the next water point where I will wait for a lift.
  3. I understand that the 1Zambia MTB will be a GPS route navigation event which means I will need a GPS device capable of tracking routes and that there will be no traditional marking.
  4. This is a testing mountain bike stage race over 250 kms. I will be fit enough and skilled enough with the right attitude to complete the journey and have fun at the same time.
  5. I understand and accept that the race organizers, event hosts and event sponsors will not be held liable whatsoever in the unfortunate event of any injury/bodily harm/death of any race participant or supporter during the 1Zambia MTB event.


  • General
    All hobby, leisure, amateur, and professional cyclists are eligible to participate in the 1Zambia MTB event. By registering for this event all participants declare that they accept the terms and conditions.
  • Minimum age
    Participants have to be at least 18 years of age.
  • Health 
    All participants are obliged to make sure that they meet with the fitness requirements of the 1Zambia MTB. If necessary, participants have to consult a physician and, on the organizer’s request, provide proof of their state of health.
  • Material
    Only Mountain bikes are allowed to participate in the 1Zambia MTB. All participants are obliged to make sure their bicycles are operating properly, especially with regard to brakes and other parts relevant to safety. In case of technical shortcomings a participant may be disqualified from the start of the 1Zambia MTB.
  • Ranking
    Participants of the 1Zambia MTB start in teams of 2. The team will only be officially considered for ranking if both participants pass the start and finish line. For the team classification of the respective category, only the time of the second team member is relevant. If a team (one or both partners) should fail to pass a control point, they will continue the race outside of the official ranking and not be recorded as finishers. Only those participants that officially finish all stages of the race can be recorded as finishers. There are 5 different team categories:
    • Men – both riders are male
    • Women – both riders are female
    • Mixed – one rider is male and one rider is female
    • Corporate Sponsored – Men, Women or Mixed
    • Silver Foxes – both riders are forty five years or older on 31 December of the year of the race
  • Start numbers and Participant-ID
    All participants have to attach their start numbers (partners of the same team have identical numbers) to their bicycle handlebar in such a way that they are clearly visible at all times of the race. Advertisements on the start numbers must not be hidden.
  • Mountain bike check
    Prior to the start of all stages random bike checks will be performed. Bikes with technical shortcomings may be disqualified from the start.
  • Check points / Cut off Times
    Riders must ride with their team partner at all times, and must remain within the maximum allowable separation time, namely 2 minutes. Rider separation may be measured at the start and finish of each stage and at various designated check points during the stage, but can also be enforced at any point during the race.Teams that fail to pass a check point (for instance due to getting off the route), but finish the race later on, receive a time penalty of 60 minutes.
    The organisation reserves the right to apply the following rule:
    • Teams not finishing day 1 are allowed to start day 2
    • Teams not finishing day 2 are however not allowed to start day 3
    • Cut off times will be communicated at the race briefing
    • Participants who do not reach cut off times will be taken out of the race
  • Finish
    At the finish line of each stage team partners are not bound by regulations to pass the finish line together, however, only the time of the second partner to reach the finish will be recorded. Teams that, due to exhaustion, defective equipment or injury, arrive after the official finish time, but have managed to finish the stage cycling and having covered the whole course of the stage on their bicycles, will be recorded with the maximum stage time (start till finish time) plus 60 minutes, and will be allowed to start again the next day. Teams that, due to a major defect in equipment or injury (proof necessary), evidently arrive at the finish not riding their bicycles, but by other modes of transportation, will be recorded with the maximum stage time (start till finish time) plus 120 minutes. They will be allowed to start again the next day. Should one team partner drop out of the race due to exhaustion, defective equipment, or injury, the other partner will not be part of the ranking and will receive his/her time and the finisher shirt if he/she covers all stages.
  • Rider Safety
    Where a rider believes another competitor is injured on course, they are obliged to stop and assist the injured rider as well as alert SES using the emergency line number 737.  Where there is no cell phone signal, a message should relayed to the next cyclist to proceed on until they find a motorbike support rider and / or signal to send out a message for help.  The stage result of any rider delayed due to voluntarily assisting another rider will be determined by race officials and the appropriate time will be allocated to that rider.  In the event of a rider being unable to complete their stage due to assisting another rider in a medical emergency, the rider’s previous results will be taken into account and the appropriate time awarded to the rider on that given stage.
  • Technical service
    The organiser will put at the riders’ disposal a mechanic with some spare parts, this service is however at the cost of each rider.
  • Important rules
    During the race it is absolutely compulsory to wear a helmet at all times.
    • It is strictly forbidden to throw away or drop things, especially packaging material, bottles, or drinking cups.
    • Both partners of a team may assist each other within the framework of the traffic regulations. However, mechanical connections between the two bicycles (towing ropes or similar) are not permitted.
    • Slower cyclists have to give way to overtaking cyclists immediately.
    • Participants have to ride carefully, especially in difficult-to-see sections of the course, be prepared to brake in downhill sections.
    • Defective equipment must be repaired at the side of the track.
    • The organizer reserves the right to cancel or call off the race or certain stages at any time. Reasons for this can be, among other things, force majeure (e.g. extraordinary/unforeseeable situations). In these instances, participants do not have a claim to a refund of the entry fee in part. Furthermore, they cannot derive from that the right to further damage claims.
  • Liability
    All participants are responsible for their own safety. Under no circumstances shall the organizers, hosts, or sponsors be liable for any injuries or damages suffered or caused by the participant. Participants have to give their express consent that they assume all risks arising out of or in any way connected with taking part in this event and will not make any claims against persons, institutions, or companies that carry out or have carried out this event. The organizer reserves the right to suspend a participant from the race who fails to comply with the rules. The participant has no right to claim damages.
  • Penalties and other sanctions
    All punishable offences will be decided by the jury.
    The jury is at any time entitled to impose also punishments for offences that are not included within this catalogue. The measure of punishment is then specified by the jury. The duration of the punishment is specified depending upon each case by the jury.
  • Catering and drinks
    Participants are responsible for their own catering and drinks during the race. The organizer will hand out fruits, energy bars, and sports drinks at the control points as long as stocks last. The organizer, however, does not guarantee catering and drinks. Each participant agrees not to leave behind any litter or impair the environment in any way.
  • Clothes and equipment
    All participants must be adequately equipped for a several-day mountain bike event. They should have at least outdoor clothes that protect in all weather conditions and a first-aid kit. The organizer will spot check this prior to the start. It is recommended to bring tools and materials, but it is mandatory to bring clothes suitable for the weather conditions.